Dining & Snacks

We offer popular combo meals & the best summer snacks!

Dining & Snack Areas
Park Opens Spring 2022!

Raging Waters offers great food and snacks throughout the park. Whether it's a delicious all beef hamburger to satisfy your appetite or a fresh soft serve ice cream to cool you down, you'll find what you're looking for all here inside the park.

Souvenir Cup

One Refillable Souvenir Cup
Includes .99 refills all season.

Main Plaza - Pacific Pizza

Delicious and Hot Pizza just for you located in Main Plaza.

Wacky Wieners Hot Dog Stand

Come and get your Hot Dog fix on. Serving Hebrew National All Beef Hot Dogs with all the condiments & toppings. Located between Wacky Water Works and Wave Pool.

ICEE Mix It-Up

Get one flavor or mix them all. ICEE’s are one of our most popular ways to cool off. Located in the Main Plaza at Sharky's Big Bite.

Sharky's Grab & Go

Pepsi Drinks and Grab & Go Snacks! Located in Main Plaza.

Seaside Ice Cream

Frozen Bananas and Soft Serve Ice Cream!
Located in the Main Plaza.

Dippin' Dots Sundae Shop

Indulge yourself in “The Ice Cream of the future” with Dippin’ Dots.
Located in the Main Plaza and by the Wave Pool.